Our Philosophy

We are unique in that we provide continuity of learning opportunities for our students beginning as early as 1 year old in our sister school, Bright Young Minds Academy.  We believe that this process creates a smoother transition cognitively and emotionally and allows the student/child the time to make connections and expand his/her thinking continuously.  We believe nurturing the experience of children and creating an environment in which each child feels that they have “purpose”.  With our unique approaches to learning, incorporating best practices from years of experience, the best curriculum, and the highest expectations for our students, regardless of their previous education or family background.  We have discovered how to tap into the minds of our students, igniting the light of self-motivation, self-regulation, and self-discipline in hopes to ultimately lead them to self-actualization.  


Our Why

We recognize that many of our most brilliant students are often misdiagnosed and thus not challenged to reach the highest standards.  This chain reaction ultimately diminishes the motivation within the child and, overtime, dims the spirit of our children.  Our goal is to illuminate the path for our students to self- fulfillment.  We believe that the children that enter our school are not only our children, but first God’s Chosen Children.

Our Promise

We respect, appreciate, and value the differences among us and understand that Different is Not Deficient.  We are driven to help our students achieve their goals using differentiated, custom approaches to learning for each student.


We offer a competitive quality academic program from the very best innovative teachers and an eclectic curriculum tailored to meet the needs of our children, community, nation and world.