Application Process

Part I



The first step of the application process requires the submission of an Application for Admission.  
This application can be:
     a.) Completed online for electronic submission or
     b.) Downloaded, printed, and completed by hand on the paper version.



If you choose to complete the paper version of the application, it can be submitted in several ways:
     a.) Mail to:  Bright Young Minds University
                        Office of Admission
                        541 Bunce Road
                        Fayetteville, NC  28314

     b.) Hand Deliver to the Main Office at 541 Bunce Road, Fayetteville, NC    

     c.) Or Scan and email to


Each Application must be submitted with an application fee of $ 25.00.  The online application requires that the $25.00 application fee be submitted online via our secured website.  The fee can be paid by cash, money order, check, or visa credit or debit card.  Applications are processed upon receipt of the application fee.

Part II


The second step of the application process requires the submission of vital records from each student.

The following records must be submitted prior to the first day of class:
     a.) Copy of Student’s Birth Certificate
     b.) Kindergarten Health Assessment Form completed by child’s medical   

     c.) Documentation of Immunization or Notarized Immunization Exemption

     d.) Previous School Records to include IEP, Report Cards, Attendance

           Record, Standardized Test Records. (if applicable)
     e.) Other Necessary Medical Records, such as Allergy Action Form,

          Asthma Action Plan, etc.

Part III


The next step of the application process requires the evaluation of the student applying for admission.  The purpose of this step is to help us get to know the student, determine if the applicant is right for our program, determine the student’s abilities, gifts and strengths, and customize the learning experience for each student.
The following documents should be submitted to enable a proper evaluation of each candidate.

     a) Teacher Recommendation Form
     b) Parent Survey and Statement
     c) Interview with the Parent/Guardian and Student Applicant